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Preparing to Sell your Home

Exterior Features to Check:

Yard: keep the grass trimmed and neat. Weed all flower beds and replace any dead or dying plants and flowers. If your yard is sparsely landscaped, you may consider investing in some brightly colored flowers and plants.

Home Exterior:

Paint: If your home is painted, nothing will give it a faster face-lift then a new coat of paint.

Vinyl Sided: Rent a power washer and remove the built up layers of dirt and grime that collects on all vinyl sided homes.

Cedar Sided: Re-stain or add a protective coating to your home

House Trim and Gutters: Remove all built-up debris that has collected in your gutters. Repair any damaged gutters or downspouts. Repaint trim work and replace any damaged areas.

Entry Ways: Pay special attention to all entry ways! Prospective buyers will form an opinion as they enter and exit your home, make it a good one. Make the area neat, clean and aesthetically pleasing.

Garage and Driveways: Make sure driveways are free of clutter and easily accessed. Clean up any oil or grease spills.

Roof: Repair or replace any damaged or missing roof tiles. Repair any roof leaks.

Decks and Porches: Clean and organize your porch or deck. Set up patio furniture in an inviting manner, making sure all furniture is clean and usable. Stain or re-stain your deck if needed.

Air Conditioner: Make sure your air conditioner is in good working condition and void of any trash.

Swimming Pool or Hot Tub: Make sure all routine maintenance has been performed and water is clean and fresh. Have surrounding are neat and organized. Pool or spa should be in good working condition (including the filtration system).
Interior Features to check:

Home Interior

Shampoo or steam clean your carpets. If you have indoor animals, use a carpet deodorizer and make sure all odors have been eliminated.

Floors: Replace any missing or damaged pieces of tile. Polish and clean all vinyl and tile surfaces.

Interior walls: Again, enhance your homes appearance by repainting the walls. If you have wallpaper, make sure the surface is clean and repair any loose seams.

Windows: Replace or repair any damaged screens. Repair cracked or damaged window panes. Wash all windows and screens so they are free of dirt, especially finger prints.

Doors: All doors must open and close easily including closet and cabinet doors. Lubricate any squeaky hinges and make sure all hardware including doorknobs are tightly fastened.
Some Basics:

Appliances: Decide which appliances will be sold with the home and which will be removed. The appliances that remain in the home should be clean and in good working condition.

Lights: Check all the lights to make sure that each socket has a working light bulb in it. Double check outside lights as well as garage and basement lights.

Plumbing: Make sure all the toilets are in good working condition. If the toilet leaks or runs excessively, repair it. Check all faucets for leaks and replace washers if necessary. If any of your sinks or tubs are stained, use a stain remover.

Light switches and fixtures: Repair or replace any damaged wall switches or plates.

Closets: Most prospective buyers will be very interested in the amount of closet space your home has. To help increase the appearance of spaciousness, clean and organize all closet space.

Cabinets: Cabinet space is another factor that prospective buyers are interested in. Make sure your cabinets are clean and neatly organized.


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