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Reasons NOT to have a Home Inspection

1) I can inspect the house myself

Most people do not have knowledge of all the systems and structures contained in houses. A Building Specs professional home inspector is trained and experienced in building structures, heating, electrical, plumbing, family safety, environmental issues plus many other areas. An inspector also is knowledgeable in older home construction and utilities that may be unfamiliar to many. Consider if crawling around in attics and crawlspaces (dirt, bugs, spiders, mice etc), examining sewage and waste pipes and walking on roofs is to your liking. Factor in lost wages and family support if you had an accident. Factor in financial consequences if you miss a key defect in your inspection.

2) I have a neighbor who can check the house for me

We all have a neighbor, or brother, or friend who is handy with carpentry, plumbing or another trade. Very few people though possess the complete range of skills in all of the house systems that home inspectors do. Consider what would happen if your neighbor missed a significant item? Would there be bad feelings between parties? Do you have any legal recourse against your neighbor? A Building Specs professional home inspector is fully insured to protect your investment interest.

3) The owner said there are no problems

There are three types of vendors: 1) those who are honest; 2) those who will attempt to hide deficiencies; and 3) those who don't have the knowledge to self-assess the true condition of their home. How well do you know the vendor? Is that nice fresh coat of paint on the ceiling hiding water stains from a leaky roof? Was the insulation in the attic really upgraded last year? Do you really want to take a gamble?.

4) I'm sure the home is safe and healthy for my family

We all want to provide a healthy and safe environment for our families. A Building Specs professional home inspector is trained and experienced in issues relating to fire safety, electrical, heating and gas safety, indoor air quality, fall and trip hazards and much more. Look for an inspector that takes the time to ask about your family's needs - children in the home, seniors needs or mobility impairments. A Building Specs professional inspector may provide valuable suggestions to help improve home safety for those most in need.

5) I am totally in love with the house and accept the short-comings

Love at first sight is grand, but love can also be blind. Every house has certain short-comings. What are they? What will it cost to fix? What maintenance costs should we budget for over the next years? You will love your new home even more, and sleep better at night, when you make an informed financial decision.

6) I can't afford the fee

With very few exceptions, the fee paid for a home inspection will be recovered many times over. Having a clear picture of the home's condition at time of purchase reduces hidden or surprise costs. A professional inspection and written report will also provide valuable leverage to help you negotiate the best purchase price.

This information is provided for your general interest and is not intended to be technically exhaustive. Please consult a professional inspector or contractor to obtain an assessment of your particular situation.


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