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Buying a Home

Some Things to Know:

Why a Home Inspection?
A home inspection gives the buyer more detailed information than an appraisal - information needed to make a wise decision. In a home inspection, a qualified inspector takes an in-depth, unbiased look at your potential home to evaluate and identify the physical condition of the home.
An appraisal is not a home inspection.

What you should expect:
Qualified and Experienced Inspector. Building Specs provides an inspector with extensive experience in construction, environmental and mechanical industries. Our inspector completes yearly continuing education and follows the Standard and Ethics established by the National Association of Home Inspectors.

Followup Assistance:
Be sure you have the ability to call your inspector, before and after the inspection. Building Specs provides unlimited telephone assistance to answer any questions you may have.

What NOT to Expect:
Home Inspectors do not do any destructive testing, nor do they have x-ray vision. Consumers should not expect their reports to include the condition of every nail, wire or pipe in the home. The Home Inspector is primarily concerned with pointing out adverse conditions and/or safety-related concerns, rather than small or cosmetic items, which are considered readily apparent to the buyers.

A home inspection is not a code compliance inspection and a home inspector will not inspect inaccessible areas of the home. For a detailed outline of what exactly what a NAHI inspector will inspect, please see the NAHI Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics . While the Standards provide a minimum guideline for conducting a home inspection, the NAHI Code of Ethics sets a standard of professional behavior for members.

In addition, the home buyer should not expect the inspector's report to serve as a guarantee that the home's components will never fail or need repair at some point in the future. No house is perfect -- they all need regular maintenance and repair.


For Your Protection Pamplet from the US Gov:

> FHA Appraisals are NOT Inspections

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